Security Service

Building and Facility Security

Due to the fact that protection of individuals, corporations and establishments in private properties can’t be provided by governments, need for the private security services became crucial. Gökçe Security will be your solution partner for all your security needs with its vision and mission which matches the fast-developing needs of private security services and its dynamic staff.

Organization Security

We are at your service with our professional teams for giving temporary services in events such as creating required teams to ensure safety and order for your organizations, festivals, party meetings, private meetings, expos, seminars, concerts and sport activities and providing equipment.

Building and Facility Security

Security carries out tasks such as surveillance and supervision of the area, entrance and exit controls with active patrol system in the facility and security system operating (X-RAY devices, hand-held detectors etc.) according to the procedure, protection from attacks, interference in emergencies, patrolling in the facility and setting up a systematic security network in the building. Security is provided systematically by taking all the required security measures for the sites and facilities and providing controlled entrance and exit.

Fire Training

These are the trainings to specify the general information, fire hazard sources and evacuation methods about possible fire outbreaks in all kinds of constructions, buildings, facilities used by state institutions and organizations, private organizations and establishments at stages of planning, construction, execution, maintenance and usage; and to specify the methods and principles for; the precautions to be taken before and in case of fire, organization, inspection to ensure minimal loss of life and property in possible fire outbreaks.